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Whether your book is ready for press or still in the idea phase, Pembroke Productions is here to help. Pembroke Productions is an Atlanta-based publishing company established in 2017 by Curtis Bunn, Eric Coleman, Charles Jones and Angela Tuck.

Our mission is to focus on works that improve and uplift by inspiring, educating, and empowering. If you seek to do the same, we may be the right company for you.

In order to help us evaluate your project, please complete and submit this proposal form. We will follow up with you within the next 21 days. Need tips on filling out the form?

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Become An Author

What genre does your book fit?

Some common examples are: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Religious & Spiritual, Self-Help, How-To, Business, Cooking, Photography/Art, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Comic, Children's, Academic, Textbook

At what stage if your project?
Do you own the rights to the manuscript and related content including photographs, graphics, illustrations?
Have you worked with other publishers in the past?
Are you under contract with another publisher?
Which of the following services do you need?Description of services below the form

Description of Services We Provide

Overall coaching: You have an idea and want to craft the book yourself. We can serve as a resource by detailing the process, providing best practices to help you avoid common writing pitfalls, and be your go-to for answering questions while on your writing journey 

Writing: We match you with a writer to craft your story

Writing Coaching: You’ve begun writing your story and find that you need support

Content editing: We evaluate your content and provide support by questioning and suggesting changes to improve comprehension, writing style of content, story flow, framing (is there a clear beginning, middle, and end to the plot?), adding or subtracting content, organization…

Copy editing: We fine-tune for grammar, spelling, style of punctuation, spelling…, and provide spot fact-checking

Art and Design Direction: We evaluate the purpose, tone and tenor of your content and propose a vision(s) for the look and feel. This includes but is not limited to cover design/illustration, photography, internal design format, font usage…  

Photography: We match you with a photographer

Photo Editing: We check the photos you provide for their usability, then format, color correct/tone, and edit for use in your book

Design and Layout: We match you with a designer to layout your book 

Publishing: We take your finished work through the steps necessary to be officially recognized as a “published” book

Marketing: Based on your needs, we can ensure the world knows about your masterpiece. We can deliver options ranging from market-positioned promotional campaigns utilizing all media channels to crafting universal and individualized marketing and media tools for your book signing events.

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